Tea for the whole family

Herbaty owocowe

Fruit teas for all year round. Ideal as hot beverages to keep you warm on cold winter nights but also great as iced teas for a hot summer day. Produced only from natural, rich in flavour, high quality dried fruits with authentic aromas.
Fruit teas are both delicious and healthy. They are not only a pleasure for your senses, but are beneficial for your health and well being as they boast vitamins and minerals which are needed in every organism. Therefore it is worth drinking your favourite tea every day as in every tea cup you are combining pleasure with well being. We have teas from all around the world, with flavours including blood orange, quince, chokeberry, cranberry, raspberry, pear, gooseberry, strawberry, pomegranate, apple, rosehip.
Fruit teas are brewed for 3-5 minutes using boiling water. Serve hot or chilled.

Fruit teas
for all year round...



Chokeberry with acai



Fruits brews

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