Tea for the whole family

Herbaty zielone

Do you need a moment to yourself? Are you tired of the repetition of life?
Are you constantly on the go and rushed for time?
Are you constantly rushing between work and your home?
Are you the perfect mother and a successful woman?
Are you an active man, who is always striving everyday to achieve his goals?

Whether you are at home, at work, on the go or in a social situation, reach for our exceptional green teas.
Green tea increases your energy levels and helps to awaken you. It has antioxidant properties which help your body and its activeness, improving your strength and vitality every day. Thanks to the added whole fruit pieces within the tea bags each teacup also becomes a real moment of pleasure. A moment just for yourself!

Strenght and vitality
every day...

Green tea with lemon

Tea bags

Green tea with ginger and lemon

Exclusive green tea

Herbata zielona oryginalna

Loose leaf

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