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Kompozycje herbaciane

Bi fix Kompozycja 9 smaków Herbata ekspresowa




  • Original Green tea: green tea.
  • Green tea with ginseng and pomegranate: green tea, aromas, ginseng root, lemon grass, orange peel, pomegranate peel.
  • Black tea: black tea.
  • Black tea Earl Grey: black tea, Earl Grey aroma.
  • Rosehip tea with raspberry Fruit tea: rosehip fruit, chokeberry fruit, apple fruit, raspberry fruit, chokeberry juice concentrate, aromas, citric acid.
  • Raspberry Fruit tea: raspberry fruit, blackcurrant fruit, chokeberry fruit, apple fruit, chokeberry juice concentrate, aroma, citric acid.
  • Cranberry Fruit tea: cranberry fruit, blackcurrant fruit, apple fruit, fruit chokeberry, chokeberry juice concentrate, aroma, citric acid.
  • Peppermint Herbal tea: peppermint leaf.
  • Camomile Herbal tea: camomile flower.

Package: 175 g

Product description: This selection of 9 flavors creates a wonderful box of fruit teas each with unique properties that are often beneficial to our health. In a box you will find 90 express teas (10 of each). All teas are closed in airtight envelopes that allow the unique aroma and taste of the tea to be preserved for longer. All of the teas are very tasty and they have a positive impact on our health.
Fruit teas are drinks which we most appreciate throughout the autumn and winter season when long pleasant evenings are often spent at home with a cup of warm, aromatic tea. These delicious teas have beneficial effects that help protect our body from unpleasant symptoms associated with the common cold, flu or angina.
Green tea Bi fix contain many valuable ingredients, stimulate, and at the same time relax and soothe the senses. It also not only purifies the body but also has a positive impact on the mind. The health benefits of green tea are the result of its antioxidant properties. It is an excellent source of flavonoids, which neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals.
Bi fix herbal teas are a natural way in which we can take care of our health and well-being. The herbs come from plantations in the cleanest Polish regions. They are of the highest quality as well as being easy and convenient to use. Bi fix Herbal teas gently, yet effectively bring relief for many ailments that we can suffer from.
Black tea Bi fix has an exceptional taste and aroma as well as having a beautiful natural golden color. Prepared with top quality tea leaves, these teas help to awaken us. Discover the full, rich flavor of black tea hidden in each cup.
These teas are  recommended for people of all ages. Especially for those who care about keeping their heart and vascular system and immune system in good condition. By drinking these teas we are supplying our body with substances that are vital in maintaining a good immune system.

Tea-making recipe: Insert a tea bag into a cup. Pour boiling water (green tea: Pour boiled water at temp. 70-85°C). Brew for 3-5 minutes.

Composition of 6 fruit tea

Composition of 6 fruit tea

Composition of 6 herbal tea

Composition of 6 herbal tea

Composition of 6 black tea

Composition of 6 black tea

Composition of 6 green tea

Composition of 6 green tea

9 flavour composition

9 flavour composition

Bi fix Composition of 6 fruit tea in tea bags 60 x 2 g 9 8
Bi fix Composition of 6 herbal tea in tea bags 60 x 1,75 g 9 23 5901483000448
Bi fix Composition of 6 black tea in tea bags 60 x 2 g 9 23 5901483000431
Bi fix Composition of 6 green tea in tea bags 60 x 2 g 9 23 5901483000424
Bi fix 9-flavour Composition Tea in tea bags 175 g 1 23


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