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Herbaty z sokiem
Especially for you we have created a new tea with Juicy fruit juice. This unique products is a source of the beneficial quality's that fruits possess. Find time for yourself and your loved ones, brew a cup of tea Juicy fruit and allow it to take you to a place of pleasure. Share with us your moments of relaxation and take care of your health and your family daily by drinking this tea. Let every moment of life, the times of joy, sorrow and love always be accompanied by us and our products. Thank you for being with us for 23 years. Bifix a good choice.

Super fruit 
teas with juice...

Juicy Fruit True Love Raspberry and acerola with juice

True Love

Juicy Fruit Sweet Kiss Cranberry, pomegranate and guarana with juice

Sweet Kiss

Juicy Fruit Happy Smile Grapefruit and acai with juice

Happy Smile

Juicy Fruit Red Active Red orange and lapacho with juice

Red Active

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